Encouraging people to venture inside your shop or restaurant for a closer look is a top priority for every business owner with customer-facing premises. But getting customers from behind the device into the store can be a tricky situation. We’ve asked our community what works best for them, here are a few insider tips.

  • Use your website to promote special deals.

Every business has a website but the trick isn’t selling online, it’s getting to consumers to the store. Use your website’s home page to promote special deals or promotions. If you’re a restaurant, offer treats on days your foot traffic is lowest. One client, gives away a cup of free coffee and pastry in the winter months to anyone who visits her Caribbean restaurant. This is great way to get new customers into your restaurant and a great treat for your already local customers.

Enhance your reach by sharing your promotion on social media too!

  • Offer Demonstration

Selling a particular complex product? Use your website to provide introduction and then invite customer for a live demonstration in store. Our friends at a local dentistry, uses their website to encourage customers to brush properly and they do a special in store demonstration for young kids on the proper way of brushing.

  • Offer FREE Wi-Fi
    Restaurants and cafes that offer free Wi-Fi see an increase in traffic and returning customers. Update your website to include your Wi-Fi feature and let Google’s search ability do the rest. Our friends at a local café indicated that since they shared on their website that they have free Wi-Fi, they have seen a significant increase in folks that come in for working lunches.

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