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Facebook Ads

Facebook ads offer unparalleled targeting precision, allowing businesses to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, which significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Google Ads

Google Ads offers a variety of ad formats, from search and display ads to video and shopping ads, allowing businesses to craft compelling campaigns that resonate with their audience across different touchpoints.

Live Chat

Live chat offers immediate, real-time customer support, significantly enhancing the user experience by providing instant answers to queries and issues.

Success Stories

Challenge: JQ Home Improvement Inc. sought to increase leads and project bookings in a competitive market but struggled to reach the right audience effectively.

Solution: Partnering with Fillay, JQ Home Improvement Inc. implemented a strategic paid media campaign across Google Ads and Facebook. The campaign featured targeted search ads optimized for keywords related to home improvement services and geo-targeted display ads showcasing before-and-after project visuals. Additionally, engaging Facebook ads were created to highlight customer testimonials and special promotions. This comprehensive approach led to a 60% increase in website traffic, a 45% boost in qualified leads, and a 30% rise in project bookings within the first three months, significantly enhancing JQ Home Improvement Inc.’s business growth and client satisfaction.

Google Business Page Optimization

Optimizing a Google Business Page is a strategic process designed to enhance a company’s visibility and engagement on Google Search and Maps. This involves a meticulous approach, starting with ensuring that all business information—such as the name, address, phone number, and business hours—is accurate and up-to-date. A well-crafted business description, incorporating relevant keywords without resorting to keyword stuffing, can improve search rankings and provide potential customers with a clear understanding of the services offered.

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