The internet can be a gold mine for local businesses but for some, a website is actually deterring customers. We took a look at five reasons why this might be happening and what you can do to fix it.

  • You Don’t Have a Website
    Yes, we understand that you are busy and getting a website up and running is difficult. But, if you don’t have a site, customers researching product or services in your area will not be able to find you. And no, social media platforms don’t count.

If you know your way around designing, use DIY services to create a simple website or save your valuable time and hire a professional service that offers hosting so that you don’t ever lose your unique web address.

  • Not User Friendly
    So you have a website, good for you! If your website makes it difficult for your users to understand your content and hard to find the products or services you offer, it will only leave a poor impression and users will likely never return to your website or take the time to visit your store front.

A great way to keep things organized is to create a custom design that has a simple “About” page and a separate tab for your products or services. A “Contact Us” page should include your address and a way for potential customers to connect with you easily.

  • Not Mobile Optimized
    Google does NOT love websites that aren’t mobile optimized. Chances are if your website is not built to accommodate surfing on various devices, it won’t rank high on Google search results.

To combat this, ensure that your website can be viewed with the same layout and look across all devices. Having a responsive website is important to converting the huge chunk of folks that visit your website on-the-go to in store buyers.

  • It Looks Dated
    If your website was built four years ago it’s old and it likely won’t attract users to your store. Most customers make emotional decisions rather than logical decisions when it comes to shopping, so it’s important to be visually appealing.

Use professional pictures to create a clean cohesive look and consider developing a specific color scheme that can be used in all your marketing materials. An updated and modern website will help bring traffic into your business as customers will expect the same feel as they walk into your store.

  • No One Can Find It.
    What’s the point of having a website if no one can find it? If your website has been structured poorly and has a weak SEO rating it won’t be shown in search results.

If sites like Bing, Google or Yahoo aren’t able to properly understand your page chances are it will not show up on the first page of search results. A secure website can help you to move up in ranking.


Having a fresh, modern, responsive website is the key to bringing new local traffic into your business. There is no need to build a new website every year if you take the time to ensure that your site has all the right tools to make it successful.

At Fillay we work with you to ensure your website showcases your business, products, services and reach the right customers. Not sure where to get started? Let’s talk, we can help: