It’s no secret that having an online presence – both a website and social media – is becoming a vital part of any business’s strategy. Much like your offline and online marketing tactics, your website and social media should be sharing the same message. To really utilize having an online presence you need to ensure website visitors can see your social media and vice-versa. 

We took a look at three ways that linking your social media to your website will help you increase your reach.

  • Increasing your Search Results
    Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram have become great channels for sharing content and once your content is out there and gets engagement, it gets traffic. This will help to increase your website’s standing on Google’s search results.

Additionally, by including social share and follow buttons onto your website, you’re providing the opportunity for customers that visit your website to share your content on their social channels which further increases your reach.

INSIDER TIP: Share content from your website to your social media page at least once a week.

  • Link Building
    By sharing the links of your products, services, or menus from your website directly to your social media channels, you are helping to increase your Search Engine Optimization. A good SEO ranking is essential for small businesses to appear in the first page of local area search.  Consumers often view the results on the first page as authentic and more relevant than any other results.

INSIDER TIP: When sharing a link, ensure that the featured picture attached to your link, is showcased correctly. If it’s not, then upload the image directly to the social media platform. This tip works best with Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Combined Analytics
    Using the data from social media platforms and your website, you are able to pinpoint what attracts visitors to your website. This will help you determine what products you need to focus on whether it’s increasing your stock or offering a special promotion that attracts new visitors.

INSIDER TIP: Offering a social media promotion based on your most valuable products or service will not only increase your social media reach but also your foot traffic.

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